Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Chumbi Valley 09-06-1904

My dear Delia

We have at last received our orders and I start with the first Column from here on Sunday the 12th inst. We are altogether a fairly large force, a Wing of the Royal Fusiliers, a Native Mountain Mountain Battery 2 sections of the British M Battery, 4 Companies of the 40th Pathans, 2 companies 32nd Pioneers, two section Northern Field Hospital, Ammunition Column ready.

I don't know when I will be able to write again but will take up some postcards so that I can scribble a line occasionally. I received your long letter yesterday, also one from the Olivers. Strange to say I have a cousin of Bertie's friend Tillard in the hospital with pleurisy - Captain Tillard of the Sta Corp - who used to be Station Staff Officer at Hainital but here is in charge of a Yak Corps. I think he will have to be invalided to India.

I am glad you were able to after Arthur and Ada so well. I see Amy had not arrived on her visit yet so my £2 will come in useful for her ticket from Plymouth. This morning I sold my pony which I have used so far - to the Mounted Infantry, and for the money bought a much looking animal which I think will do me even better on the advance.

The account I wrote for the RAMC Journal has had to go up to the Headquarters for sanction for publication and I don't know when I shall get it back again. I think I have everything ready for the Advance. I am to mess with the Battery again - but in case I am stranded I have a fair quantity of stores myself. I have kept your savoury lozenges and chocolate - and they also will come in useful. Your socks and handkerchiefs have been excellent - a great addition to my wardrobe. I am now very well supplied with clothes and cannot very well take a chill - though from a Sick Convoy that came in this afternoon, I heard that it is still very cold and windy above.

Pincher is very fit and coming along too. I think if I get him safely back from Lhassa - I must try and get him home as the only British dog who has been to Lhassa. I am delighted to hear that the youngsters are so well. I hope you manage to arrange your trip to Clifton Villa with Miss Wood - she certainly did us very well indeed. Well dear Delia, much love, don't worry about me, when you receive this I shall be the other side of Gyantsee about 30 miles from Lhassa. I hope - if there is not much fighting at G - I think the enemy will give up the Fort directly they hear such a large force is approaching.

Your Affectionate Brother


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