Thursday, 23 July 2009

Karola, 4 marches from Gyantsee 19-07-1904

My dear Bertie,

I received your letter saying that you thought there was a probability of your coming up here. I should certainly bring up your pony if he is sure-footed, does not shy, and is fairly hardy. The General and staff have just gone out to locate the enemy where the Mounted Infantry report they are about 5000 strong so we shall evidently have a fight again tomorrow morning. We have had a fairly comfortable march from Gyantsee though one day we had to pitch our tents in pouring rain. I was very glad to leave Gyantsee as I had a very dusty camping ground and my Hospital was full of sick. We have now left most of the Sick behind. I don't think it will be Tibet for you - as we have left Haswall and most of the Bengal and Madras Sappers behind at Chumbi so evidently the General does not think this will be much work for the Sappers. The principal things to bring up however are: a small 40lb tent, Poshteens, Gilgit Boots, warm coat, Kakhi Serge Uniform and some cool clothes supposing you remain at Chumbi and do not come up high, also one box of stores - so there. It has not been really cold for some time but I expect we shall be up here for another winter. We captured a convoy of 118 yaks from the Tibetans last night. They were returning from taking food to the enemy at the Karola and were unluckily for them, ran in to our Mounted Infantry. We are all wondering if the Tibetans will wait for tomorrow. So long - not time for more, am very fit and well.

Your affectionate brother Cecil.

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