Monday, 8 December 2008

2nd Rajput Mess, Alipore Calcutta, 26.11.1903

My Dear Delia,

As you see I am still here and am expecting to start any day. The Hospital is now mobilised and I expect we shall start on Saturday 28th. Yesterday the General was enquiring whether we were ready so there is no doubt we are going up. I am glad we have had so much time as even today I have been buying little odds and ends, which I had forgotten and yet will be of the utmost service to me.

I heard from Bertie on Tuesday last a very short note and I can't think what makes him so busy. I heard from Grandma by this last mail and she thanked me very much for the £10 I sent her. I have spent a small fortune buying warm things, as of course I had practically none. You would not believe how expensive everything it is out here - 10/- for a vest (13/ 6) and everything else in proportion. I shall have lots of time to write letters I expect when we start as after getting a certain way I believe to Lhasa or whatever it is - we shall camp I believe for some weeks.

Much love Dear Delia

I have still crowds of things to do yet.

Your Affectionate Brother

Cecil Mainprise

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