Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Runypo, Monday 30-12-04

My dear Bertie,

A happy New Year to you and very many of them. Yesterday a word came from Headquarters saying that the British Field Hospital was urgently required in the Chumbi, and as mules were arriving here tomorrow we are to start the day after tomorrow - New Years Day - so this will be the last letter from Runypo.

I sent off your revolver some days ago now so I hope you have received it all right. I forgot to tell you I am keeping the leather wallet for cartridges as I forgot to bring mine. I hope you have not been on at the Post Office for losing it.

I had on the whole a very fair Christmas day. There were four of us making merry at the Dake Bungalow and afterwards we ended up at the Sergeants' Mess where we sang songs around the Campfire. I had a splendid Day on the 25th and 26th -letters, cards, almanacs and books from Delia, Tim, Grandma, Daisy, Amy Lilly, Laura, Mrs Casey, Mrs Stephenson, Lady Hapwood, and letters from pals out here. I don't think I have ever done so well. Did you hear from Mrs Young of Fatakyark? I expect so. I received your letters - one on Christmas day and one that had wandered up to the Chumbi two days ago.

I am glad to hear that you have gone away for Christmas and I hope that you have had a good time. I have only seen Captain Sheppard of the 3rd Company of Sappers & Miners as they had all gone on to Guntak before I arrived here. I will look out for Haswell and the other fellows that you mention.

We shall be days getting to the Chumbi Valley, four days to Gnatong and on from there. I see they have twenty degrees of frost - though I am exceptionally fit and taking 12-15 mile walks every day to get fit and relieve your so-called corporation. It is not at all cold here yet. Much warmer than this time at home. Thanks for your offer to send me papers but up to now I have managed to see a paper nearly every day.



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