Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Runypo, 9-12-03

My Dear Bertie,

Here we are safe and sound and waiting transport to take us up to Gnatong. My Bhutara pony turned out quite a good buy and brought me along in fine style. Mules were so urgently required to carry grain further on that our 75 were commandeered here and we have to wait here for more.

From Confidential orders I see McDonald and Younghusband advance from Gnatong into Chumbi tomorrow - in full battle Array and I think they may meet some resistance. We shall be out of this first advance but I hope we shall soon pick them up. It is not very cold here and am thoroughly enjoying what has been a 'picnic' up to now. I unfortunately lost my first box of stores on the Railway - no fault of mine as it was amongst the hospital equipment but have managed to procure some more.

I found Baird Yims up here remembered you at Siahkole and in China. He is in charge of one of the sections of the Native Field Hospitals. We are all taking a tremendous amount of warm kit, Poshteens, Gilgit, Boots, Goggles - how we shall carry it I don't know. I hope your Revolver has returned to you all right. The Postmaster at Calcutta wrote to me and said he was making enquiries about it. It is magnificent Hill scenery here and I am getting my pony in to fine condition by morning rides.

I received Delia's mail letter safely yesterday and she seems to be very fit and flourishing. I shall be glad to hear how you are - Except a short note and dressing gown, I haven't heard from you for ages. Runypo is a very small place, only a few bunniah shops and large Commissariat Quarter. Dacuns we are encamped about ¾ of a mile up a hill and so it is not very exciting. Luckily some of the 8th Ghurkha rifles are here and I chum with them. So long, hoping that you are all well.

Your Affectionate Brother


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